Data Protection & Cybersecurity Services | Prevent Incidents D1defend

Data Protection & Cybersecurity Services | Prevent Incidents D1defend

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How Does It Work?title text 1

We put strategies and tools in place to protect your valuable business data, ensuring it’s retrievable if ever misplaced. Recall the 2017 incident with a major global shipping company, Maersk. A ransomware attack disrupted their operations, leading to a loss of vital data and causing a massive financial blow. The company had to reinstall over 4,000 servers and 45,000 computers to regain normal operations. Our approach ensures you have robust protection and backup systems, preventing such catastrophes.

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How Can D1 Defend Help?title text 2

1. Never Lose A Day’s Work: We’ll regularly back up critical devices – think of your servers, CEO’s PC, CFO’s workstation, HR, and Accounting systems. Imagine those devices that, if compromised, could stop your business in its tracks. With our hourly on-site and nightly off-site backups to a secured cloud, even the worst disasters won’t set you back.

2. Always Ready to Roll: Backups are cool, but what if they don’t work when you need them? We’ve got that covered. Every day, we test and confirm that every piece of your backed-up data is good to go, ensuring you can bounce back without a hitch.

3. Keeping the Lights On: Our Annual Failovers are your safety net. If critical systems ever hiccup or falter, we make sure your business stays up and running, no drama included.

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Why Choose D1 Defend for Business Continuity?title text 3

Prepare for the Unexpected: In business, being prepared is half the battle. Be ready for anything.

A Shield for Your Business: With D1 Defend, threats don’t stand a chance. We protect your data, ensuring you can operate with peace of mind.

Quick Recovery, No Downtime: We know every minute counts. If issues arise, getting you back online is our immediate goal.

In the bustling business environment of Southern California, uninterrupted operations are crucial. Pick D1 Defend. Protect your business from unforeseen challenges. Reach out to us and make resilience a core part of your business strategy.

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Unforeseen events are inevitable; disruptions don’t have to be. D1 Defend’s Business Continuity strategies ensure that come what may, your business sails smooth. Trust in our commitment to your resilience.

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